Welcome to No Prince Charmings

Jazz Quartet – West Palm Beach, FL.

We are a jazz inspired group who wants to swing our way into your hearts.

Swing – Bebop – Latin – Dixieland – Originals

Receptions – Parties – Corporate Events – Clubs

“Jazz washes away the dust of every day life.”

– Art Blakey

No Prince Charmings still photo
From left to right: James Squires, Karl Osterman, Pat Norris and Phil Blatt.

In October – performing every other (1st & 3rd) Thursday Night at the Majestic Ash Lounge in Northwood, West Palm Beach, FL. Happy Hour and Jazz 6 to 9 PM.


The Band:

Phil Blatt, Patrick Norris, James Squires & Karl Osterman

“Great show, really enjoyed it.” – Jeffrey S.

“Wow they are fabulous, I had not heard them before.” Cathy R.

“Excellent show!” – Robert V.

“If I covered my eyes I’d swear I was live, listening to Chick Corea again.” – Vince F.

“So much musical talent right here!!!” – Jack A.

“Really enjoyed listening to your band… You are all so talented. My only regret is that I couldn’t get there earlier!” – Joanne R.

Phil Blatt – Guitar

Pat Norris – Piano & Trumpet/Flugelhorn

Karl Osterman – Bass

James Squires – Zendrum & Vocals

Jacqui Agostinelli – Vocals

“Please don’t harsh the vibe.”



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